American Express Accepted VPNs


American Express is another leading credit card issuer alongside Visa and MasterCard. However, unlike Visa and MasterCard, American Express is tends to be a preserve of the more affluent, especially in America. Also, American Express is a card issuer as well as transaction processor, unlike Visa and MasterCard that issue their cards through third-parties (banks) and only do the processing.

Although American Express is not as merchant friendly as Visa and MasterCard (because of slightly higher fees, among other reasons), it is still wise to accept it as a payment option for your online business. That is why many VPN providers accept American Express as one of their payment options.

Here are the leading choices for American Express Accepted VPNs:


HideMyAss is the undisputed leader of personal VPN providers, with a server networking spanning more 63 countries and more than 61,000 IP addresses. It’s no surprise that they would have American Express as one of their payment options, in addition to Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and many others.

HideMyAss offers many added features to enhance your VPN experience, in addition to the core VPN services. The company is currently running a holiday promotion that offers up to 56% off its pricing packages.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

PIA is right up there at the top with the best VPN providers on the market. Couple this with their affordable pricing structure and you have an unbeatable competitor in the VPN space. The company offers a simple but intuitive custom-built client terminal that allows for smooth and hassle free connections to their VPN network.

You can pay for their affordable subscription using your American Express card, but they also have PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and the more anonymous option of Bitcoins. If privacy is your biggest concern, you’ll find the right partner in PIA because they take their customers’ privacy very seriously.


Starting with their fresh looking website, it’s not hard to tell that IPVanish is a different proposition all together. Featuring a black background with a nice green and white theme, their website layout looks fresh and is easy to navigate. You can easily navigate to the setup section that contains download links to all the apps for the different platforms.

The Join Now section is where you go to pay for your subscription using any of the major cards such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and a host of other payment options.


StrongVPN has an advanced server network that enables the company to offer high speed VPN connectivity. They have a unique package structure that caters to low-end users as well as high end premium VPN users that can afford $30 per month subscription.

Another unique feature about StrongVPN is that it uses a device’s native VPN support to connect users to its VPN network.

The company accepts American Express cards as well as other major payment options, including bank transfers and Western Union.

StrongVPN stands out for reliability and quality, but they are not very flexible with their server switches.


Since August 2013 when PureVPN’s website was allegedly breached, the company now blocks access to their site for some visitors in an apparent attempt to avert risk of another breach. Nonetheless, the Hong Kong based VPN provider is still going strong.

The company employs a minimalist approach with their VPN apps as they tend to focus on performance. Indeed, PureVPN is one of the better providers when it comes to performance and speed.

When it comes to payment, they accept American Express cards in addition to PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and many others. If you’re searching for a unique VPN provider that goes a long way to ensure the highest quality of service, PureVPN is definitely a strong contender.

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