Best Personal VPN


Given the current number of VPN providers on the market, it’s easy to assume that choosing one is as easy as pie. The truth is that VPNs are not created equal. The best personal VPNs focus on features and services that enhance the personal online experience of their users while protecting their privacy and securing their information on the Internet. A handful of VPNs have distinguished themselves from the pack by offering truly personalized services that give users the ultimate online experience with peace of mind of knowing that their information is safe.

Here are the best personal VPNs to consider for your next subscription:

HideMyAss (HMA)

HMA easily comes atop the list of best personal VPN because of its massive server network that comprises 532 VPN servers in 63 countries. With three VPN protocols to select from, users can enjoy the security and privacy that HMA offers via its robust Pro VPN software.

Subscription plans start at $11.52 for the one-month package while the six month package is offered at $49.99. The yearly plan offers the highest discount at $6.55 per month (billed $78.66 a year). Many users also consider HMA the most user friendly VPN.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

PIA offers a very fast VPN service that conceals your IP address to protect your privacy. The company is especially highly rated for its unwavering commitment to maintaining users’ anonymity. Their plans are some of the most affordable on the market yet this does not compromise the quality of their service.

To access PIA’s services, you can subscribe to the one-month plan at $6.99 or you can take advantage of the highly discounted yearly plan at $33.33 per month.

Users get the same level of protection regardless of which plan they’re subscribed to. Luckily for file sharers, PIA offers support for P2P network connections.


ExpressVPN performs well in almost all areas that make a good VPN service except price. The company’s services are somewhat pricier than many of its contemporaries (at $8.32 and $9.99 for the yearly package or the six month option respectively). However, you can count on the company’s top-notch quality in all its services.

ExpressVPN also supports many platforms and their client VPN software has a mobile app version for almost every mobile system out there. This kind of versatility shows that the company is committed to providing the best personal VPN services.


PureVPN has won the hearts of thousands of users due to its commitment to quality and attention to detail. Starting with their subscription plans, PureVPN stands out as being simple and efficient. The company sells its VPN services through two main subscription packages – Standard and Unlimited packages. Standard comes at $9.95 while Unlimited is offered at a pricy $18 per month.

PureVPN is serious when it comes to protecting users’ information. The company offers five VPN protocols to choose from, with up to 256-bit encryption depending on protocol.

The major dent with PureVPN’s no-frills and efficient service is that they do keep logs for critical user data such as log-on and log-off times, and email addresses.


IPVanish is the newest contender among its contemporaries, having been launched just two year ago. However, the parent company has been in the Internet services industry for over 15 years in which they built a reputation of offering high quality services. This reputation has been carried on to the VPN services division through IPVanish.

The company has more than 90 VPN servers in over 40 worldwide locations, ensuring that you can connect to their network wherever you go. Also, their Tier-1network is among the fastest and most reliable in the VPN space. This has enabled IPVanish to consistently offer high quality VPN services since its launch.

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