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Although Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers are many, it’s still not easy to choose the best VPN software. There are two categories of VPN software: paid and free versions. While you may find many reasons to use a free version of VPN software, you will soon realize that the overall experience of the VPN service is lacking in many areas.

Paid versions are typically supplied when you subscribe to a premium VPN service and are more robust, feature-rich, and enhance your overall VPN experience. In addition, premium VPN software comes with a lot of support because providers have resources to invest in good customer support, not to mention good programmers to develop the software.

If you’re looking for the best VPN software, there is no doubt that you will be searching among premium versions.

But what exactly makes VPN software to be classified as the best?

VPN providers are investing a great deal of resources in developing cutting-edge VPN software both for desktop and mobile. In the end, customers are the winners as they have a varied choice of high quality VPN software to choose from.

Generally, the best VPN software must offer much more than the basic VPN connectivity functionality. Firstly, the software should make the connection process seamless. The best VPN software should be able to hold an active connection persistently. The overall design and the user interface matters a lot too and so does the software’s ease of use. Platform and protocol support, reliability, flexibility, and the overall theme of the VPN software are all considered when choosing the best VPN software. Installation should be a seamless affair.

There should be enough features to enhance user experience. The software should offer features that make it possible for users to switch between servers or protocols, change IP address, and view server loads without first contacting customer support. In short, the VPN software should address all the basic user needs.

Previously, configuring and connecting to a VPN service was a fiddly process that typically required technical assistance from support staff. However, the best VPN software now is built to eliminate the hassles of connecting to a VPN service. All that a user needs to do is provide their login name and password, and they will be connected without a hitch.

All the top VPN providers offer robust and advanced VPN software apps for desktop and mobile. However, some apps are clearly a class apart and are worth considering as first priority when searching for the best VPN software.

HideMyAss Pro VPN Software

If you’re searching for a VPN service to enlist, chances are that HideMyAss VPN will feature in all your Internet searches. The VPN service is based in the UK and is the largest provider of personalized VPN services at the moment.

The company has used its massive VPN server network to acquire a sizeable portion of the VPN market, thanks to a huge online presence. It therefore comes as no surprise that HideMyAss VPN would develop the most robust and feature-rich VPN software on the market – Pro VPN software.

The desktop version of the Pro VPN software is the most popular, but recently, the company released a mobile version for the iPad and iPhone, in addition to the Android app.


The Pro VPN software from HideMyAss VPN is the most elaborate VPN software in terms of features. The Pro VPN software offers amazing functionality and both Mac and Windows users are offered a dedicated version with a sleek user interface.

Linux users can also be offered a command-line version of the software. Best of all, the company offers its users detailed tutorials for the different flavors of the software.

Smooth Connection

When you purchase a VPN plan from HideMyAss, you get a free download of the Pro VPN software. Once installed and launched, the software takes you directly to the dashboard to authenticate your details and connect you to the VPN service. It’s recommended to maintain the default settings. Once you’ve supplied your details, the software will make a smooth connection to a VPN server and all your data will be encrypted from then on.

Support For Multiple Protocols

The Pro VPN software supports a range of protocols including L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN. This means that you don’t need to make additional configurations or new software to use any of the listed protocols.

Server Selection Guide

The server selection feature provides users with an intuitive way to locate and connect to the nearest server to their current location. By connecting to a VPN server closest to your current location, you will be assured of good connection speeds.

This feature can also generate a visual map showing physical location of the servers. It displays servers in a group based on their proximity to each other. To view individual servers, you’d have to zoom in.

The random server selection tool allows you to randomly connect to VPN servers in different locations in order to increase your online anonymity. Better yet, you can create your own server list and the tool will seamlessly switch between the selected servers at regular intervals.

IP Settings

IP cloaking is what ensures online privacy for VPN users. The Pro VPN software comprises an elaborate IP settings feature that has a scheduling tool, a logging tool for IPs you’ve used, and third-party websites that you can use to verify that your IP address is hidden.

Secure IP Bind

This is one of the most crucial features of the Pro VPN software. This feature prevents Internet connections of any application when the VPN service is unavailable. You can specify the applications that can only be connected to the Internet when the VPN service is active. This feature brings peace of mind for users who are overly concerned about protecting their identity online. In case you forget to activate your VPN service and simply connect to the Internet, this Secure IP Bind feature is there to your rescue.

This software also provides billing support, proxy support, and debugging functionality. It’s easy to see why this VPN client is easily the best VPN software on the market.

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