Best VPNs For iPad


The best VPN for iPad is one that offers custom-build client software that is optimized for iPad. Most VPN providers offer desktop client terminals and in some cases a generic mobile version of the software. However, based on user reviews, generic client terminals, especially for mobile devices, tend to offer a lackluster VPN experience.

Fortunately, more and more providers are investing in custom-built mobile clients for the major mobile platforms. A VPN for iPad secures your connection each time you access the Internet using your iPad. Essentially, iPads were built for Internet access on the go. Given the startling number of threats on the Internet plus the fact that most mobile devices connect to the Internet via wireless networks, it’s no surprise that a VPN is a must-have for your iPad.

That being said, there are many other factors to consider when selecting a VPN for iPad besides the client terminal. Price, number of servers, features, supported protocols, and customer support are crucial factors too when considering a VPN for your device. It’s also important to peruse through user and expert reviews once you’ve zeroed in on a few potential candidates. You need the best protection for your iPad so it’s vital that you do your homework before subscribing to a VPN service.

Here are the top candidates:

HideMyAss (HMA)

HMA is the largest personal VPN provider, so you’ll probably consider it among your top picks for best VPN for iPad. The company recently released a mobile version of their industry leading VPN software for the iOS platform (for iPad and iPhone), which comprises most of the advanced VPN features found in the desktop version.

HMA has also slashed its pricing offers in a special Christmas offer for all its three plans, which now cost $9.99, $39.99, and $59.99 for the one month, six months, and one year plans respectively. There’s no better time to join the world’s largest provider of personal VPN.


ExpressVPN is usually touted as the best VPN for mobile because it supports the widest range of mobile platforms and devices, including the rarely featured ones such as Nokia. It’s not surprising that ExpressVPN was one of the very first providers to offer customized clients for the iPad and iPhone.

Pricewise, ExpressVPN’s packages are slightly pricier than those of its closest competitors, but the quality of its services is well worth the money.


IPVanish has been consistently working to improve their offerings and the efforts seem to be paying off. Founded in 2012, the company has built a reputation of being totally honest as they almost deliver on everything they promise.

The company offers iPad support with their custom-built client terminal that is exceptionally easy to use. However, it is built for iOS 7 so if your iPad is running the older versions of iOS, you need to first upgrade to iOS 7.

Moreover, the packages are very affordable, starting at $10.0 for the one-month plan while the three months and one year plans cost $26.99 and $77.99 respectively.


When it comes to quality VPN services, StrongVPN competes at the very top. The company offers a varied range of features and services to suit their loyal base of world-wide customers. They support the OpenVPN SSL protocol that’s especially ideal for users in countries with heavy Internet censorship. They also support the SSTP, PPTP, and L2TP protocols for various desktop and mobile platforms.

Subscription starts at $7 per month for the Lite PPTP package right up to the premium package that costs $30 per month. One downside is that they have caps on the number of server switches you can make in a month, depending on your package.


PureVPN offers a high quality service at amazingly low prices. With 50 VPN servers in more than 15 countries, PureVPN’s quality of service continues to be the major differentiator that sets it apart from its closest rivals.

The company offers ‘Standard’ and ‘Unlimited’ plans, with the main difference between the two plans being that Standard is limited to a bandwidth of 32GB per month whereas Unlimited has no limitations and supports DDWRT routers as well.

PureVPN offers a simple client terminal for iOS, which works for both the iPhone and iPad. The mobile client comes with all the important features that allow you a smooth and safe connection to the Internet.

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