Hide My Ass and U.S. Unlocked – International Shopping with No Limits!


If you have ever been prevented from making an online purchase because you do not live in the United States, you will be pleased to hear that you can now dodge such restrictions by means of a new hook-up between VPN provider HideMyAss and a service called U.S. Unlocked.

A major frustration for web users not resident in the United States is that they are routinely prevented from making purchases from a raft of websites. These American websites reject users not based in the U.S. and block them from buying goods and services, sifting them out by analyzing their IP addresses. Now, at last, there’s a way round the problem.

If you sign up with U.S. Unlocked, you will get a so-called virtual payment card, which is issued by an American bank. You also get an American billing address. You can then use your card and billing details to make payments on shopping sites that normally only accept American buyers.

A second vital piece of the puzzle is to use a VPN service like HideMyAss. Not only will HideMyAss protect your data from prying eyes as it whizzes around the internet, but it will cloak your IP address and make it appear as if you are accessing the web from inside the United States. With HideMyAss, plus the virtual payment card issued by U.S. Unlocked, international consumers instantly gain access to popular sites like Nordstrom, Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.

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