How To Unblock Netflix


If you need to unblock Netflix before you can watch your favorite movies, it means that you are trying to access the popular movie streaming service from outside the US. Along with a couple of other streaming services, Netflix has become a must-have service for any serious movie enthusiast. With a massive collection of more than 20,000 movies and popular TV series, you definitely don’t want to miss out on anything Netflix offers. What’s more, Netflix is an on-demand service designed for access on-the-go using your computer, mobile device, or your Internet-enabled TV set at home.

The problem is that you can only access Netflix when you’re physically in the US. It is a region specific service that is not accessible to users outside the US. Thankfully, there are ways around that which can allow you to access the service as if you were physically in the US.


There are a couple of viable methods that you can use to access a region-specific service such as Netflix. Proxy servers are what many people first think of in these situations. In this method, you need to find a working proxy server and then select a US-based IP so as to go around the censorship filters for Netflix. This service is mostly free and even the paid option is noticeably cheap. However, the downsides of using proxy servers far outweigh any benefits they offer. For instance, many proxies are blocked and even when you manage to find one that works, chances are high that it will be overloaded and inevitably too slow.

The other method is using a browser-add on that works the same way as a proxy server. There are several of them out there if you do a little searching. However, browser add-ons also suffer similar limitations as proxy servers. Due to buffering issues, they tend to be extremely slow for streaming video online, which is basically what Netflix is about. Moreover, as with proxies, browser add-ons are routinely blocked by Netflix and other services that restrict access based on geographic region.

Using a VPN To Unblock Netflix

By far, using a VPN is the best way to unblock Netflix for many reasons. Firstly, VPNs use technology that is difficult to block although the principle is similar to that of a proxy server. A VPN service will typically have several servers in the US to which you will connect and be assigned a new US-IP address. This way you will be able to access Netflix from wherever you are in the world so long as you are connected to a VPN server based in the US.

In addition, using a VPN protects your information from snoopers and malware. Since your IP will be different each time you connect to the VPN service, websites will not be able to track your activities.

The Best VPN Service To Unblock Netflix

HideMyAss is by far the best VPN to unblock Netflix because it has the largest VPN server network of all providers.

Private Internet Access is another strong performer, offering superior and highly anonymous VPN services.

IPVanish should be the other VPN service to seriously consider for unblocking Netflix. Although it’s only two years old now, IPVanish offers one of the best networks of VPN servers.

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