Internet Security and Safety for Ordinary People


One of the persistent myths about the internet is that protecting yourself online involves using complicated technology that is not understandable to the typical, everyday user. In other words, there’s a perception that, unless you are a geek with advanced skills, you might as well forget the issue of internet safety.

In actual fact, there are systems available today that are easy to use for average members of the public, yet they offer advanced protection against an army of hackers and scammers.

What has happened in the last few years is that the Virtual Private Network (or VPN) has entered the mainstream at last. An example of this is the popular IPVanish VPN service, which allows ordinary people all over the globe to get the kind of protection that was formerly only the preserve of internet security experts.

A number of commentators have made the point recently that there are still large numbers of people who use the internet daily but understand little of how it works or the dangers of security breaches. Therefore, such people adopt a very casual attitude to revealing intimate details about themselves in a variety of places online.

These people provide rich pickings for scammers and criminals, but protection is easily within their grasp. All they have to do, along with being more careful what they say online, is use a service like IPVanish, and their data is instantly protected.

In addition to being safe as houses, IPVanish requires no technical expertise from its users. It is a simple matter of signing on the dotted line for a subscription, downloading the software, and then browsing the internet the same as before. IPVanish works quietly in the background and requires no input to speak of from the user.

IPVanish offers peace of mind, but it is not that expensive. In fact, the company is currently offering a Sochi Olympics special deal, which means new customers enjoy a whopping 25% discount if they enter the SOCHI coupon code when placing their order.

After placing an order with IPVanish, all you have to do is select the type of operating system you are using, e.g. Windows or iOS, and download the relevant software package. Not only is the software designed to be easy to use, but IPVanish also provides clearly designed user guides and instructions on how to use its software.

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