Invisible Browsing Review


Invisible Browsing VPN (ibVPN) is one of those pleasant surprises that, at first impressions, does not appear to be serious about what their claims. However, as we’ll see in this review, ibVPN delivers a solid service almost on all fronts and has become a favorite for many users. If you’re looking for an affordable way to stay anonymous online, you might want to consider ibVPN. Find out if their services can meet your needs.

Pricing and Packages

ibVPN divides its pricing plans into three broad categories – Standard, Multi VPN, and Torrent VPN. Within the Standard category, there are three packages including the Ultimate VPN plan that comes at $10.95, the Total VPN plan that comes at $7.95, and the Regional VPN offered at $4.95, all prices charged per month.

Packages under the Multi VPN category allow for multiple connections so that you can use ibVPN services simultaneously in a group, either with your family or with your work colleagues. For three users (a family of three), you’d have to part with $19.95 per month while for business accounts with up to 20 workers, you’d pay $99.95.

The Torrent VPN package is designed explicitly for torrent users and filesharers. This is one of ibVPN’s most unique features and the company is happy to make it known that they allow torrent usage on their network.

Server Locations

ibVPN has a network comprising more than 60 servers in 19 countries, offering users more than 1900 unique IPs to choose from. Countries covered include the US, Canada, Germany, France, the UK, Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, Egypt, and Australia, among others. This coverage allows users to freely switch between the company’s VPN servers as they travel from one country to another.

Security and Privacy

Whichever package you purchase, ibVPN lets you connect via any of the four VPN protocols they offer, including PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP. What’s more, you can change protocols via the client VPN terminal, but for most purposes, you will not need to change protocols, especially given that by default, all users are connected via 256-bit strong OpenVPN.

In addition to that security, users are further assured that their activity logs while browsing will not be logged and stored. Moreover, ibVPN only requires minimal personal details at registration and users can pay anonymously using Bitcoins.

Evidently, ibVPN demonstrates a high commitment to maintain users’ online privacy through their policies and measures they’ve taken to guarantee this.

Customer Service

The ibVPN website appears crowded at first, but it’s mostly functional and provides enough information to get you started. There’s a live chat window that opens up once you start browsing the website. Besides live chat, there’s a help center page where you will find a series of FAQs related to packages, technical issues, payments and refunds, as well as logging and privacy issues.

ibVPN also runs a ticketed email system which appears to be more reliable if you need to solve a technical issue.

Pros and Cons

ibVPN is a really impressive VPN provider. They offer a 15-day money back guarantee on their packages as well as a free trial. They have dedicated servers for torrent and file sharing purposes. They don’t keep user logs and also accept Bitcoins as payment. They offer 256-bit encryption via OpenVPN as standard on all subscriptions. Their unified client software is a breeze to use.

The major downside to ibVPN’s service is that you need to be subscribed before you can access basic information. In addition, many users complain that the service is far too slow too often, and although many factors can affect VPN connection speeds, ibVPN appears to be slow on a regular basis and this does not sound good at all.

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