IPVanish Partners with Boxcryptor – Cloud Users Win and Save


One thing IPVanish customers can be sure of is that this is a company that never rests on its laurels. The team at IPVanish is forever looking to introduce new features and products that are useful to the company’s users, and the latest in a long line of innovations is the decision to partner with a service called Boxcryptor.

What is Boxcryptor?

Boxcryptor is not a new thing – it has already attracted over a million downloads and has a loyal customer base of its own. Basically, Boxcryptor enables you to encrypt files stored using a raft of cloud services, which means you can easily keep prying eyes away from sensitive personal and/or business data.

Features of Boxcryptor

The Boxcryptor encryption system is easy as pie to use and comes jam-packed with features, including the following: Files stored in the cloud are encrypted using either RSA or AES-256 algorithms; Boxcryptor is compatible with leading providers of cloud storage including Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Dropbox; Boxcryptor also offers support for cloud storage systems that use WebDAV including Strato, Cubby, ownCloud, and HiDrive; Boxcryptor software supports Mac OS X, Windows, Android, and iOS.

IPVanish users win with Boxcryptor discount

The decision by IPVanish to partner with Boxcryptor means IPVanish users can get an additional level of security and protection: If they sign up with Boxcryptor, they can ensure any data they store using the cloud is safe as houses.

Furthermore, IPVanish users who sign on the dotted line with Boxcryptor will benefit from a generous, limited-time twenty percent discount on the cost of a premium subscription. To take advantage of this discount offer, you should make sure you type “IPVanish” into the relevant coupon box on the Boxcryptor checkout page. In addition to paid subscriptions, Boxcryptor also offers a stripped-down free service.

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