Is Cloud Storage Truly Safe?


While it is fair to say that Cloud storage has one hell of a lot in its favor, one cannot overlook the issues surrounding security. In fact, the latter concerns lie at the heart of why many corporations and individual users are unwilling to make the jump to using Cloud storage. To put it plainly, they dread that doing so could lead to them getting hacked or losing vast amounts of sensitive data.

In light of the above, as well as the huge concerns over internet privacy aroused by Snowden’s NSA revelations, security and privacy online have become one of the top news topics round about now. To be blunt, it looks as if everything web users do while online is getting tracked, scrutinized, and even stored in some cases.

While it is hard to dodge the prying eyes of the NSA, the fact remains that you can still do a lot to reduce your security fears. In the first place, you can set up an environment that will protect your everyday use of the internet. Once you have done this – by setting up a Virtual Private Network connection – you can bet that all your data will travel down an encrypted, secure tunnel, with the result that nobody will be able to see it.

As regards Cloud storage, a very attractive solution is the one offered by IPVanish in partnership with a service called Boxcryptor. The latter service, which is compatible with all major computing platforms, can offer speedy, straightforward encryption of any file stored in the Cloud. The good news, as well, is that it works with all the popular Cloud storage providers.

The advantage of the combined IPVanish/Boxcryptor set-up is that both services work together to provide the maximum security and online protection to web users. Furthermore, getting that protection will cost you as little as $6.49 per month. Once onboard with IPVanish, users get the benefit of a network of over seven thousand IPs on more than a hundred servers. And IPVanish’s global server network is currently located in sixty-one cities in forty-seven different nations.

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