PureVPN Review


Created in 2006, PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based VPN service that strives to be the best VPN service provider for new users. Since its establishment, PureVPN has been consistent in providing quality features and a hassle-free VPN service, thus attracting new customers each year.

That being said, no service provider is without fault and without a doubt, some users have found issues with PureVPN’s services. Find out what are the benefits and downsides of using PureVPN as your provider for VPN services.

Pricing and Packages

PureVPN offers three distinct pricing plans: a monthly plan, a six months plan, and a yearly plan at $9.95, $44.95, and $69.95 respectively. As of this writing, the company offers a new t-shirt with every new yearly subscription. With your PureVPN subscription, you get a free client terminal, unlimited bandwidth, and unrestricted server switches.

Undecided users can pay only $2.5 for a trial account or they may purchase a full subscription plan and take advantage of the 3-day money back guarantee to test the service.

Subscribing to a plan is pretty straightforward on the company’s official website: you’re given up to four billing options to choose from including a quarterly option, in addition to the aforementioned three plans. Payment options include PayPal, credit or debit card, Payza, and bank transfer. Be ready to submit an ‘official’ document before they can send your login details.

Server Locations

The company’s VPN server coverage encompasses 26 countries including the US, UK, Canada, Sweden, Singapore, Ireland, Malaysia, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Brazil, Egypt, Latvia, Costa Rica, and Australia, among others. In total, they have more than 300+ servers and over 22,000 IP addresses to select from.

PureVPN offers both shared and dedicated IP addresses. However, only shared IPs are offered by default; if you want a dedicated IP, you request for it at an additional fee. You can switch servers as you wish as there are no restrictions.

Privacy and Security

Previously, PureVPN only supported L2TP/IPSec, and SSTP/SSL protocols with 128-bit encryption, and OpenVPN was offered on beta basis. However, the company’s website now lists OpenVPN as one of the protocols they support and up to 256-bit encryption for Internet security.

PureVPN does retain some logs about user activity and the company asserts that they can only release user information when required to do so by law. In short, this is not a 100 percent confidential VPN provider.

Customer Support

PureVPN offers a dedicated support page on their website, with access to a ticketed email system, a user forum, and a FAQ page. There’s live chat too and it’s prominently displayed on the home page. PureVPN claims to offer their customers 24/7 support and, fortunately, they live up to those claims. You can ask about any service via live chat support even if you are not a subscribing customer.

Pros and Cons

PureVPN offers quality VPN features and an authentic service overall. Excellent customer support, superior desktop and mobile performance, and regular promotions are all good things that should appeal to new customers.

That said, there are a few things you may not like about PureVPN. Firstly, the fact that they retain a great deal of customer details and logs should send away a good number of prospects who were hoping for more commitment towards anonymity.

In addition, the company’s discount system for its ‘Unlimited’ and ‘Standard’ plans is confusing because discounts on the former are less than those offered on the latter package.

Other than those hitches, PureVPN is highly recommended especially to  users seeking a quality VPN service for security, privacy, and unblocking restricted websites. If you want 100 percent anonymity, this is not the best VPN service for you.

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