PureVPN’s Holiday Gift


With the holidays about to get under way, PureVPN is joining in the festive spirit by offering one hell of a gift to new subscribers. The promo offer, dubbed Holiday Fest, enables the public to grab fantastic discounts on PureVPN subscription fees.

PureVPN’s limited time offer

If you are currently looking for a top notch VPN service, you now have a limited window of opportunity to get your hands on a discounted PureVPN package. The Holiday Fest promotion runs from November 28 through December 31. During this time, new subscribers will snag discounts of up to sixty five percent as compared with PureVPN’s usual fees.

PureVPN Holiday Fest – the details

PureVPN offers three categories of subscriptions, and new sign-ups to all three of them will enjoy superb discounts during the Holiday Fest period.

One-month subscriptions to PureVPN normally cost $11.95, but from now until December 31 they are reduced to $7.95, a saving of thirty-four percent.

The cost of a six-month sub is usually $72.10, but for the duration of Holiday Fest it will set you back just $44.95, a forty-four percent saving.

Finally, the biggest winners in PureVPN’s Holiday Fest will be those who plump for a one-year VPN package. That normally costs $143.95, but during the promo period you will pay only $49.95, a whopping sixty-five percent discount!

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