YouTube Out of Bounds for Pakistan Users as Government Hits Spotflux


It is fair to say that YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the web, but sadly it is currently out of bounds for residents of Pakistan as well as visitors to the country.

In actual fact, Pakistan authorities have been blocking YouTube itself since 2012, but a convenient workaround was to use the Spotflux VPN service when seeking to access the world’s number one video sharing website.

Unfortunately, the Pakistan authorities have now cottoned on to the existence of Spotflux, and the VPN is itself now blocked as well.

The block was confirmed in a recent posting by Spotflux staff on the company’s Facebook page. The statement said that the Pakistan government has been blocking its data centers since early January and is continuing to do so. Furthermore, there is currently no way to dodge the problem.

However, Spotflux vowed to work hard on a technical solution in order to enable Pakistan users of Spotflux to once again access its services.

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